Changelog page.

  • February 2024

    • Successfully migrated to Polaris v12, featuring Shopify's new admin design language for a modern look.
    • We have improved the performance of our system to ensure smoother operations. Our team has made various optimizations to enhance the user experience and provide better service.
    • Introduced sections that can be reused on the page of your choice.
  • December 2023

    • Released new holiday templates so that any Shopify store could be ready to change their theme with this ready template.
  • November 2023

    • Improved editor performance.
    • Redesign app UI to make it more intuitive.
    • Upload media with simple drag and drop.
  • October 2023

    • New user onboarding for creating your store in simple 3 steps Install > Select Template > Start Building.
    • 24*7 Live Chat support.
  • August 2023

    • Template categorization.